Writing for Disabilities workshop

I just attended the amazing workshop on writing for disabilities hosted by Drake Music Scotland. I learnt so much and witnessed some brilliant music making from Rhona on a Fiona Rutherford piece. Fantastic! Thanks to everyone who attended. I look forward to taking this further :-) … [Read More...]

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Music Omni – opportunity

Every summer, Music Omi invites approximately a dozen musicians — composers and performers from around the globe — to come together for two and a half weeks in a unique collaborative music making residency program. Music Omi encourages its participants to … [Read More...]

Atlanta Rhythm Section 01

Writing for rhythm section tutorial

The rhythm section is a curious thing when it comes to composing music. In the world of twentieth and twenty-first century popular music it is largely what we identify as the core of almost any band. Chordal instruments such as guitar and piano; bass guitar or … [Read More...]