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I’ve always wanted to write for drums!

I've always wanted to write for drums. Unfortunately there never seems to be the time (rightly or probably wrongly) to learn how to do it correctly. What usually happens is when I get to rehearsal I say to the drummer I want this kind of groove (no paper) and … [Read More...]


Writing for drums tutorial

Dave Milligan has put together this writing for drums tutorial to help people write for drums ahead of our first Distil Scratch Band day. Why not write something for our Distil scratch band? Notation for drums and percussion can vary a great deal from … [Read More...]


Distil Electronic

This is a set of mixes put together at Distil Electronic in March 2011, New Lanark. The 10 participants were taught by Glasgow's Tigerstyle about how to put together a track using cubase. … [Read More...]