Royal Scottish Conservatoire Transitions 20/40 scheme – free tuition and travel

I just heard about the Royal Scottish Conservatoire scheme called Transitions 20/40 which offers free tuition and travel support to children if they live in a deprived postcode area. A lot of people won’t realise they are in one of these postcodes so it is worth checking it. It is aimed at people going in to S3 and they get a free place right through until they leave school. T … [Read More...]

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Tinto Summer School Day 3

Well that was another great day of music and sports. For the first time the tutors entered the football fray and learnt how unfit they were. There are a few creaking … [Read More...]

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Tinto Taster #2

The Final Countdown!

This morning was the last of the second Tinto Taster! I assume the kids were woken once more by Paul's gentle morning lullabies, which I was tragically unaware of as I slept through most of breakfast. The clouds in the sky promised a break from the … [Read More...]

Highland Dancers at Tinto Taster #2

Tinto Taster 2: Return of the Participants

So after the peace and quiet of an unusual day off, the house staff were dragged kicking and screaming back to reality with the arrival of the next batch of fresh faced and eager participants. So eager in fact, that by the end of yet another fantastic lunch … [Read More...]